Can you help me with CPNP Registration?

For all cosmetic products sold in the European Union, a responsible person should be nominated. This can be the brand owner or Supplier as the manufacturer. 

Supplier as responsible person #

If the Supplier is the responsible person, we use our existing Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), but our company name, address and contact must be mentioned on back of the label. We charge  100 EUR per product as a responsible person fee, payable only once. 

Your company as the responsible person #

If you as the brand owner are the responsible person there will be no mention of Supplier on the label, instead it will have your company details. We will need to extrapolate the cosmetics dossier and issue a new CPSR which costs 350 EUR (3-5 weeks lead-time) The fee is per product (SKU) and is only payable once (on the first order).

Each final cosmetic product sold in the EU must be registered on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) with countries of sale notified. Cost of registration 50 EUR per SKU, payable only once. 

Distributor profile.  #

If your business is in the EU you just need to register in CPNP as the responsible person. Your company is acting as the distributor so you don’t need a separate distributor profile. 

This is needed if you are acting as a distributor outside the EU and don’t have a company registered in the countries you will sell to eg USA or if you want to appoint another company to distribute your brand. They would then have to register as distributor.

Setting up your CPNP Profile  #

One thing to ensure when setting up your CPNP profile is that the company name and address are identical and in full to the information on your cosmetics labels. We can take care of the registration of products for you once they are completed. We will need photos of completed products etc. 

To be able to do the CPNP registration we need the following information for each company:

  • the confirmation that the address of the company is the same as specified on the label
  •  e-mail on which the company registration will be done. This mail will get the confirmation and authorization details of the EU so it really has to be active. Also authorities can contact the customer via this mail.
  •  Information who personally in the company is responsible for the product? I need the name of the person, e-mail and the phone nr. This person can be contacted by authorities as well.

First only the company has to be registered and only then can we register the products.

This video may be of some help with regards to registering products 

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