A Common Vision for the CBD Industry

Speaking over dinner after a cannabis conference in Spain, we realised we had a common vision for the CBD industry. We had met working for the first major CBD producer in Europe, back when the market was brand new.

At the time, the market was growing so quickly, it was very difficult for the first players to keep up with their exponential growth. They sometimes couldn’t even keep true to their core values, and good customers suffered the consequences. Emails went unanswered, RRP’s were lowered without fair warning to distributors, new regulations weren’t communicated, and so on.

Our Customers Come First

We felt there was a real need for a CBD company that was built around the needs of those customers, supporting them to understand the technical side of the product,  the legal framework that the market is in, and where it’s going tomorrow.

Two years later, this resulted in us founding CBD Oil Europe. Our goal: to be the most loved CBD company of Europe.

Our Core Values

We achieve this by never compromising on the two pillars that make our foundation:

1. Quality. CBD oil must be clean, free from contamination, and contain the exact amount of cannabinoids.

2 .Relationships. We want all of our partners to grow safely and sustainably, by making sure they understand the rules that apply, and by keeping everybody informed of the changes in regulation we expect in the (near) future.

Serving A New Health Paradigm

The outcomes of the upcoming research will create a new paradigm in healthcare. The science is quickly catching up, and the door towards more preventative, plant based treatments is opening wider every day. All this has consequences for the current medical field, bringing new challenges to patients, doctors, caregivers, and the pharmaceutical industry.

We facilitate the paradigm shift by creating solid educational material for the different segments.

Sustainable Growth in a Changing Industry

We have a lot of experience in dealing with both big and small CBD companies. If you are planning to enter the CBD market, we want to help you create a business that grows sustainably and survives the changes that will take place over the next years.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



CEO / Founder

Adriaan has extensive experience in the CBD Industry consulting major brands and medium sized companies.


David has worked in the CBD industry since 2015, with a background in marketing and business consultancy.

Project Manager

Liza has a background in theatre and film and and is a people’s person. She is an expert in natural cosmetics.

Paul Nielsen Borrell


Paul has extensive experience in logistics and sales and has a background in the A&R side of the music industry