Pharma Hemp is a large scale producer of CBD products, certified with GMP & GACP.

Established in 1965, this family owned business has a long tradition that started with cosmetics based on hemp oil. They have been providing the European market with high grade CBD extracts since 2011, constantly investing in their operational capability.

They boast a very complete product range, consisting of: CBD drops at various concentrations, a curcumin formulation, certified organic drops, golden/amber paste at various concentrations, water-soluble drops, innovative Zeolite CBD capsules, balms, isolate, terpenes and E-liquids in various flavours and concentrations.

Zeolite CBD Capsules

The zeolite capsules deserve a spotlight as they are a unique product on the market today. Every capsule is blistered in a very professional and medical looking strip. Zeolite is a naturally occurring microporous, aluminosilicate mineral compound, formed millions of years ago. It works as an absorbent and is used for purposes of detoxification, or natural cleansing. The CBD is combined with the zeolite, and encapsulated so it doesn’t decompose before passing through the stomach.

Bulk Extract Specialists

They also provide every kind of bulk extract, ranging from a RAW, full spectrum CO2 extract to pure isolate, and everything in between.

They have a large operational stock of CBD extract, ensuring maximum consistency of product, even in case of a relatively bad harvest season.

Pharmahemp Testing Laboratory

Apart from their impressive product line, Pharma Hemp has the Pharma Hemp Lab, where they are constantly formulating new methods of quantitative analysis for cannabinoids. They have gained a reputation for very accurate testing. Their results have consistently matched those of accredited labs in Europe and the United States.

Whitelabel products that comply with legal regulations

All their products are available for white labelling.

We partner with Pharma Hemp because of their operational capabilities, resulting in short lead times and consistent product. Their filtration techniques ensure their products can comply with all possible legal scenario’s (e.g. 0,2% / 0,05% / 0,0% THC) while maintaining the possibility of a high percentage of CBD.

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Products at Scale

The company has a lot of in-house brainpower, and is well connected to the Slovenian academic world. Their work on quantitative analysis of cannabinoid extracts puts them in the centre of European attention.

As a result of their operational efficiency and scaling, they offer a price point that is attractive both to distributors and to retailers, making this company a very complete partner for the original manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade CBD products.


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