The brand Love Hemp was established in 2015, and has since grown to be one of the best recognised brands of the European hemp industry. They have certainly acquired the number 1 spot in the United Kingdom. We have witnessed their spectacular growth from up close since their inception.

A Complete Line of Branded CBD Products

Love Hemp offers a complete line of branded CBD products with very low amounts of THC. They guarantee none of their products cause any psychoactivity. Their applications include: liquid drops, body creams, capsules, oil spray atomisers, isolate and shatter, edibles, liquids and dabs.


CBD Water

They have recently launched a new product and are entering the mainstream with it: CBD water. This product has CBD droplets suspended in the liquid. Consumers only have to shake it and then drink it as they would a regular bottle of water.

Trusted for Quality

Love Hemp sources their CBD both in Europe and the USA. They apply HPLC testing on all their products: they test on cannabinoids, terpenes and to make sure there is no contamination by heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or other toxins.

Sports & MMA

The brand is very popular in the growing sport, fitness and wellness segment. Love Hemp has recently started sponsoring high profile events such as MMA fights. Their brand ambassadors are very loyal, and very motivated.

We have good personal relations with the leaders of the brand and company behind it, and we have consistently seen them invest in the future of their brand in a safe and intelligent way.

Become a Distributor or Brand Ambassador

We expect Love Hemp to remain the dominant brand inside the UK, and start conquering the European market on the short term. They are currently looking for serious distributors and passionate brand ambassadors on the European mainland.

Dropshipping & Affiliate Program

Love Hemp ships their products from the UK, and they also offer drop shipping and affiliate programs.

What makes Love Hemp special is the way they have managed their growth. They have risen to all of the challenges and haven’t stepped in any of the pitfalls on their way to success. This leaves them in a position where they are planning for the medium and long term future. We strongly believe Love Hemp will grow from where they are today to a large medium sized company over the next year, becoming a major player in the European hemp industry, and especially dominating both the English speaking online space as the sports and fitness segment.

Growing the CBD industry in a safe and legal manner

Love Hemp is run by a team of young entrepreneurs, with whom we have great personal relationships.

We work with them because they understand good business, because they are reliable and because they are passionate about the same thing we are: growing the CBD industry in a safe and legal manner.

Whitelabel Services

Love Hemp offers their products under white label service, and is also looking for partners to expand the Love Hemp brand onto the European mainland. Please contact us if you are interested in reselling the Love Hemp brand, or any of their products under white label service. Also give us a shout if you are a social media wizard looking to become a brand ambassador.


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