CBD Original is the undisputed market leader of the Netherlands. Their products are sold in every municipality of Holland, and available in every branch of the country’s most famous drugstore.

EFSA approved health claims

Their product line goes far above and beyond what any other CBD brand offers on the market today: the products have EFSA approved health claims attached to them. Yes, you heard it right: health claims on a CBD product.

How did they achieve this remarkable result?

Experience in herbal remedies and supplements

The people behind CBD Original have decades of experience in marketing herbal remedies and supplements. They are true masters of their craft, and employ several techniques of extraction that are not used anywhere else in the world currently, and are protected as trade secrets.

This allows them to create very powerful formulations. Those herbs have been proven to have significant health benefits on their own, but combined with CBD they are unbeatable. Their products are based on different formulations, each targeting a specific area of human health. Their range currently consists of products targeting: sleep, focus, muscle, and skin. We expect this product range to be expanded to include, among others, a product specifically targeting the gut and bowels, and a product for joints.


We expect this product range to take Europe by storm in the next 6 months / 1 year. What we are really excited about: the entire product range is available under white label service. This means you can sell them under your own brand, while having EFSA approved health claims attached to them!  Exact wording of those claims can be found in the EFSA database and have been established in every European member state.

Advertising Campaigns on National TV

CBD Original has been the first CBD brand in Europe to launch an advertising campaign on national TV, which they launched in the spring of 2018. This was combined with a nation wide campaign in women’s- and door-to-door magazines.

We are especially interested in bringing this product range, which has proven to be extremely successful, to consumers in other parts of Europe. Especially distributors to drugstores and pharmacies should contact us immediately.

A Unique Competitive Advantage

We are proud to represent CBD Original as they are possibly the most reliable, robust and knowledgeable player on the European market. Their formulations are unique, and the EFSA approved health claims attached to them are an enormous competitive advantage.

The product range of CBD Original tackles one of the biggest problems consumers face today: when to advise what certain product. The growing range currently consists of the following products:

CBD Oil, a food supplement produced in a FSSC22000 (plant extracts) certified facility, containing 4% CBD. Made using full spectrum extract. Contains less than 0,05% THC.

Total Sleep is a natural product from forgotten plants. It combines Ballota Nigra, passionflower, Eschscholzia Californica, CBD and a number of herbal extracts and macerates into a potent formula: they will help you fall asleep and keep sleeping.

Clear Mind: this potion has been designed to combat problems to do with attention and learning. A lot of children nowadays are being prescribed heavy narcotics to help them cope with a strict school environment.

Clear Mind aims to provide a natural alternative. It combines the power of 7 different plants that have been scientifically proven to provide benefit. It touts the following health claims: improves focus, improves memory formation, improves cognition, benefits cardiovascular health, and more.

Muscle Oil is a product that can be used in case of: sensitive muscles, fatigued muscles, cold or stiff muscles, stiff or stuck muscles after sport and for supple movement.

Emulsion to help the skin recover naturally. Also contains Teatree oil and Calendula.

Again, this entire product range is available for white labelling, and will be expanded in the near future.

Please contact us if your distribution channel is focussed on health claims, herbal products, pharmacies, parapharmacies, drugstores or health stores.


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