Is CBD Oil Legal in Iceland? (Updated March 2019)

Is CBD legal in Iceland?
Er cannabídíól löglegt ísland?

Cannabis Laws in Iceland

Cannabis in Iceland is illegal; consumption is illegal even in small amounts. Possession, sale, transportation and cultivation could result in jail time. Possession is not strictly enforced; heavy fines are given.

According to a 2012 report by the United Nation office on drugs and crime,  Icelanders are one of the world’s biggest users of cannabis, with over 18.3% of Icelanders reported as using it.

Medical Cannabis in Iceland

Medical marijuana is not allowed in Iceland, but some medicine containing cannabis (like Sativex, which is an oromucosal spray) is allowed to be prescribed by licensed physicians.

Medical cannabis in Iceland is still prohibited, but there are already a few types of marijuana-based pharmaceuticals allowed. These include Sativex, which may be prescribed by approved neurosurgeons to patients who are suffering from muscular dystrophy.

Jón Helgi Arason submitted a report to the icelandic parliament calling for a change in the law.

148. Legislative Assembly 2017-2018. Parliamentary Document 18-18th.
Subject: Review of a proposal for a parliamentary resolution on the use and cultivation of pharmaceuticals.

Hemp in Iceland

The first recorded sources of hemp breeding in Iceland are found in a letter sent by Vísi-Gísli in 1670, describing his experiments with cultivating imported plants. The list contains, among other things, barley, cumin, spinach and hemp.Hamp is referred to as a possible breeding plant in the Icelandic herb book that Ólafur Olavius ​​translated from Danish and published in 1770. In Garðagróður by Ingólf Davíðsson and Ingimar Óskarsson, who first published the year 1950.

For almost a decade an experiment was started with the cultivation of industrial hemp in Eyjafjörður and the breeding was successful, six different types of hemp were planted in different areas to see which varieties are best suited for the Icelandic climate and which parts of the country are best suited for growing hemp. Sveinn Jónsson from Kálfsskinn farm in Eyjafjördur, told that the conditions for growing hemp in Iceland are good.

The seeds of the hemp plant can be used for oil production and the plant itself as animal feed. Plans for continued breeding were not observed.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Iceland?

According to the Facebook page of the Icelandic police CBD Oil is not legal because it contains THC. Others argue that CBD with zero THC should technically be legal and point to some websites that are selling it.

If you are planning on importing or selling CBD to Iceland consult a local lawyer and check the current regulations by contacting icelandic law enforcement agencies, customs and the icelanding medicines agency

According to the Icelandic Medicines Agency (IMA) products and other organisms that have been reviewed by the Agency with respect to pharmaceutical law no. 93/1994.

Cannabis is classed as a product that may be covered by a pharmaceutical law. The product must be submitted by classification with the Icelandic Medicines Agency.

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