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Novel Food Guidelines Cannabidiol

NOVEL FOOD GUIDELINES AND CBD (CANNABIDIOL) Novel Food regulations are probably the least understood rules that influence the CBD market. In this article we will share the most relevant information as far as it relates to the CBD industry and selling CBD as a food supplement in the EU and United Kingdom. In the EU […]

Are Full Spectrum Extracts Novel Food – German Government BVL & BMEL (March 2020)

Full Spectrum CBD - Novel Food Germany

EIHA versus BVL: Cannabidiol (CBD) not necessarily subject to registration as a novel food The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) has successfully taken action against publication of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) CBD-containing products are not generally covered by the Regulation for novel foods subject to authorisation In the opinion […]

Safety advice and warnings for CBD products from the FSA (united kingdom) and the FDA (USA)


CBD safety advice January 2020 With the growing interest in the consumer products derived from cannabis and its components, including cannabidiol (CBD) both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) and the FSA (The Food Standards Agency, UK) have in the early 2020 released safety advice and warnings regarding the intake and sale of CBD […]


Opinion Poll Cannabis Legalization-Germany

OPINION POLL: CANNABIS LEGALIZATION IN GERMANY A recent survey in Germany has been published that shares the public sentiment regarding cannabis legalisation in Germany. This opinion pool was made by VAAY, a Berlin based cannabis company manufacturing hemp products. They asked: Should medical cannabis be legal in Germany?   Over 12,000 survey responses collected in […]

Novel Foods – Cannabidiol, Cannabinoids & Hemp Extracts Debate

This article is a continuation of our previous article that explains how the listing for cannabidiol was changed in the Novel Foods catalogue in January 2019 and how this relates across the EU with regards to regulation and enforcement. It is intended to bring together different opinions and serve as list of resources for those […]

Should Hemp Extracts Be Considered Novel Food?

Hemp CBD Extracts Novel Food

Should hemp extracts and CBD Oil derived from hemp be considered novel food? This article is based on the recent presentation given by the EIHA – published with kind permission from Lorenza Romanese (EIHA Managing Director) You can read & download the full presentation here: Defining ‘novel food’ The EU defines novel food as […]

Cosmetic products and cannabis under the EC Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009

Cannabis Cosmetics Regulations

Cosmetic products and cannabis under the EC Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 What is a “cosmetic product” A cosmetic product is any substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, with a view exclusively or mainly to […]

Cannabidiol and the EU novel food guidelines

Novel Food Guidelines Cannabidiol

Update: January 2019 The listing for Cannabis Sativa L. and cannabinoids have been updated and now read as follows: Cannabis sativa L. Common Names Kaņepe (sējas) (LV), Hampa (SE), Hemp (EN), hamp (DK), Hanf (DE), hennep (NL), chanvre (FR), cânhamo (PT), konopie siewne (PL), harilik kanep (ET), konopí seté (CZ), Cáñamo (ES), indiai kender (HU), ινδική […]

Food Supplement Guidelines for CBD Products

EFSA Food Supplement Guidelines

Food Supplement Guidelines for CBD Products If you are selling CBD products as food supplements you need to meet the regulatory requirements in your country EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). “EFSA has not developed Guidance for CBD supplements.  Regulation EU 2015/2283  lays down rules for the placing of novel foods on the market of the […]

CBD Legality in Europe – what are the rules for Businesses?

CBD Legality in Europe

CBD legality in Europe In this article we’d like to say a few things about CBD Legality in Europe, especially for businesses. We will explain the legal definition of hemp, the European regulations, what strains are classified as hemp, what is illegal cannabis. Regulations relating to food production, pharmaceutical products, organic farming and laboratory testing. […]