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Where is your hemp grown?

Our CBD oil comes from inside the European Union and is made from EU certified strains of Industrial Hemp. Our CBD is extracted in several European countries including Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The exact location depends on the type of product you order. For our products manufactured using international isolate the hemp is grown […]

What testing laboratory do you use?

We have our own in house testing laboratory that uses state of the art HPLC equipment. We test at every stage of production.  We also use EUROFINS third party government accredited laboratories in the UK (Eurofins Food testing) and Croatia (CroatiaKontrola) who are both EN ISO/IEC 17025 compliant.

What other documentation can you share with me?

We can supply whatever legal or technical documentation you may need.  Standard documents include: Declaration of Conformity – EU Regulation 1223/2009 compliance certificate   Including: Allergens,Genetic Modification, Nanomaterial, Radioactivity and Ionization  Declaration of EU Origin Declaration of Zero THC Declaration of Sales in Europe. Declaration of plant parts used.  Vegan Declaration Declaration of non animal […]

Do you provide GMP Pharmaceutical CBD products?

If you are conducting clinical trials, or want to market CBD products as medicine, we need to involve one of our Pharma partners. You might need EUDRA listed phytocannabinoid CBD isolate or synthesized CBD isolate. Please let us know if you have a different application in mind, as you might need only GMPc or conventional […]

What ISO/GMP Certifications do you hold?

CBD Oil Europe works with different quality regimes.  Our cosmetic program is produced under: 22716-2007 cosmetics GMP (good manufacturing practice). Our conventional oil CBD oil program is produced under ISO 22716-2007 cosmetics GMP (good manufacturing practice) and bottled under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 regimes. Our CBD Isolate, Distillate and Water Soluble products are produced […]

Is it possible to order CBD oil samples?

We understand the necessity to conduct sampling of product ranges before proceeding with an order. We always encourage our clients to enjoy the quality of our samples and we are very happy to supply samples across all of our product categories. These includes cosmetics, capsules, gummies, extracts, water soluble materials and of course CBD oil […]