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Update on the novel food status of CBD (Updated November 2021)

Novel Food Guidelines Cannabidiol

Update on the novel food status of CBD Introduction. We have been following the status of CBD in the Novel Food Guidelines since 2013. Three different entries have followed, as well as an attempt by the European Commission to re-schedule CBD as a pharmaceutical. Good news arrived with the ECJ (European Court of Justice) ruling […]

How much do you charge for CBD samples?

For established companies we will send you a free sample pack of the products you are interested in. We always stock a range of samples from our most popular CBD oil blends as well as gummies, cosmetics and capsules. If you are a start up or don’t have an established business yet, please tell us […]

What is the LOD and LOQ of your Eurofins Cannabinoid Analysis

For THC and other minor cannabinoids they can be detected when levels are above  <0.0025%, for Delta 8 THC this is <0.005% What is the accuracy of LOD and LOQ for THC.  The accuracy (evaluated as % spike recovery) for delta9-THC obtained in the validation at concentrations corresponding to limit of quantification (LOQ) ranged from […]

Do you sell cold pressed CBD Oil?

We have cold pressed CBD oil available. Available in both decarboxylated and RAW form. It is made from locally grown hemp in Holland and extracted using a proprietary method that gives a true full spectrum extract infused into hemp seed oil. This product is suitable for the Irish market. Please ask your sales representative for […]

Can you supply the same batch as I ordered last time?

We understand for some clients that this is a requirement for customs or laboratory research work. It is only possible if we still have products from the same batch available. If you expect to require the same batch in the future please let us know when you expect to need it, so we can keep […]